Updates to the ENTRUST Regulator Standards (ERS) 2022

25 Jan 2022

The first ENTRUST Regulator Standards (ERS) were approved by the ENTRUST Board and published in 2015, reflecting the Government's Regulators' Code which was published in April 2014. The ERS were previously updated and published in 2018.

The latest ERS review, which was completed in 2021 condensed the ERS from 31 to 21 standards and incorporated updated Government guidance. The updated ERS further strengthen our ability to carry out an objective self-assessment, which measure ENTRUST's operations against the ERS, while emphasising the fundamental aspects of the work of the organisation.

The majority of the changes have been structural, incorporating the previous standards and adapting them to be fit for purpose while recognising new regulatory advice from UK Government publications such as the Better Regulation Framework (2020). Two new additions include:

  • Standard 5.1, which formalises in the ERS the coaching to compliance ethos which is already part of our operations; and
  • Standard 5.3, which recognises the impact of regulation on those we regulate, a feature of recent UK Government guidance.

The new standards introduce outputs and outcomes, detailing the operations of ENTRUST and their intended impacts. We believe that these changes allow the ERS to be more accessible, ensuring that the core standards are presented in a format available to a broad range of Stakeholders.

You can access the full ERS on the right hand side of this page or on the ERS page of our website, which also includes our recent annual assessments against the previous ERS, with the first assessment for 2021/2022 against the updated standards due to be published in June 2022.

As a best practice regulator, we are always keen to gather stakeholder feedback. If you have any comments or questions relating to the new ERS please email helpline@entrust.org.uk