What LCF project Cody Dock means to the local community

2 Jul 2015

The Veolia Environmental Trust have released a video which shows the difference their LCF funded project has made to the local community of Newham.

After years of neglect and social decay, a corner of East London by the Lower Lea River has been transformed into an urban commuity space complete with gardens and footpaths. The project was supported by a £79,990 grant from The Veolia Environmental Trust awarded through the LCF.

The video shows the difference that LCF monies can make to local communities, from bringing people together to learn new skills, to transforming local spaces. Speaking in the video, Simon Myers, Chief Executive of Gasworks Dock Partnership said "Pretty much everyone, including myself have been a volunteer throughout the duration of this project. That's not just been, sweeping and cleaning but it's been, people with no skills when they came through the door, have ended up laying hedges, putting in foundations, clearing and sorting waste, building reed beds, building gardens. It's been amazing... This will be a seminal moment for communities here, where they're reconnecting with their river. The whole reason why Newham is here is because of the Lea but over the last 25 years, quite literally, 80 per cent of people living within four minutes of here, didn't know it existed. A huge amount has been achieved."