Q. What is the process for voluntary revocation of my EB?


When EBs request voluntary revocation, we'll check for compliance with Regulations, which might include a Compliance Inspection. Once everything is confirmed to be in order, the Compliance Manager will submit your revocation request to the Entrust Board for approval. You can read more about revocation here.

Q. How does my EB end its enrolment with ENTRUST?


If your EB has achieved its project goals and no longer needs to be part of the LCF scheme, you may choose to voluntarily revoke your enrolment. To do this, ensure all projects are completed, funds are correctly spent, and all statutory obligations are met.

To request revocation, fill out the voluntary revocation request form on your EB dashboard in ENTRUST Online (EOL). For detailed instructions, check out our 'How to request voluntary revocation through ENTRUST Online (EOL)' guide on the Resources and How To Guide page.