Accessing Funding through Funding EBs

The most typical method to secure funding is by approaching a Funding Environmental Body (EB), which distributes funds on behalf of Landfill Operators (LOs) within the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).  

Funders vary in their geographical funding scope – some fund only in specific areas, while others cover all of England and Northern Ireland. Each funder has unique policies, funding criteria, and application processes. 

If you're considering applying for funds from a funding EB, you will not need to enrol with us as they will register your project with Entrust on your behalf. 

Use our funder search tool to find a list of EBs that could fund projects in your area. 

Association of Distributive and Environmental Bodies (ADEB)

ADEB is the Association of Distributive and Environmental Bodies. It is the representative body for practitioners within the LCF. They promote best practice, provide information and support to their members.