News Archive October 2019

21 Oct 2019

Environmental Body Governing Member and Contact Details

Environmental Bodies (EBs) enrolled in the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) with ENTRUST, have a statutory responsibility, as part of their enrolment to ensure that the records of the EB Governing Members (for example, Trustees and Directors), and the EB Governing Documents are kept up to date on ENTRUST Online (EOL). More...

18 Oct 2019

Compliance and Enforcement Findings Quarters 1 and 2, 2019/2020

We are pleased to publish the Quarterly Compliance and Enforcement Findings report for the first six months of 2019/2020. This report summarises our compliance findings and enforcement action taken in the first two quarters of the year and is published to help Environmental Bodies (EBs) understand the most common non-compliant issues so that they can take action to avoid encountering these issues themselves. The report also provides recommended actions so that EBs can understand how to put appropriate controls in place to avoid these issues. More...

14 Oct 2019

LCF Value for Money (VfM) Report 2018 2019

In accordance with the Terms of Approval (TOA) and the Reporting Schedule between ENTRUST and HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) in our 2019-2022 Corporate Plan, in August 2019 ENTRUST provided HMRC with a Value for Money (VfM) report containing an analysis for the period 2016/2017 to 2018/2019 of the value of LCF monies invested in projects and VfM data for projects completed in the 2018/2019 reporting year. More...