Changes to the ENTRUST Board June 2022

9 Jun 2022

In 2021/2022, in line with best Corporate Governance practice, and as three of our Board members were coming to the end of their tenure we considered it appropriate to strategically review the structure and size of the ENTRUST Board.

Following this exercise, the Board determined it was appropriate to reduce the number of Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) from five members to four, which we consider delivers not only Value for Money (VfM), but remains an appropriate size to enable:

  • A robust and transparent scrutiny of ENTRUST's Executive's work, including delivery of our Annual Corporate Plan; and
  • Allows an engagement with and understanding of Environmental Bodies (EB) work to help develop and inform ENTRUST and the LCF's strategic direction of travel.

At our June 2022 Board meeting, we said goodbye to Jon Carlton, who left the Board at the end of his tenure. Jon's retirement now completes this strategic exercise to reduce the size of the ENTRUST Board.

Announcing the retirement, Christopher Welford, ENTRUST Chief Executive said:

"I would like to thank Jon for his commitment and enthusiasm in supporting ENTRUST during his tenure. His commitment, knowledge and experience have been invaluable to the ENTRUST Board. We move forward with four NEDs who between them bring a wealth of skills and experience and will help ENTRUST continue to provide independent assurance to HMRC that LCF funds are spent compliantly in accordance with the Landfill Tax Regulations (1996) (Regulations) while complying with best regulatory practice and delivering VfM."

You can read more about our current Board members here.