EB Satisfaction Survey Findings 2017

9 Nov 2017

We are pleased to publish the results of our 2017 Environmental Body (EB) Satisfaction Survey.

In line with best practice, we undertake an annual Satisfaction Survey in May each year, which provides EBs with an opportunity to submit their feedback, thoughts and opinions on the quality and performance of our services.

Alongside our other stakeholder feedback surveys (which include the Compliance Inspection and Helpline surveys), the EB Satisfaction Survey acts as an annual benchmark of how our stakeholders perceive and understand the quality of the services we provide when regulating the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF). Following an analysis of the results, we are then able to target our resources more effectively.

In 2017 we refined the questions, making updates as per the 2016 action plan whilst retaining key benchmarking measures to ensure we can compare our performance year on year. We further reviewed the questionnaire and considered it appropriate to include new question areas relating to removing paper forms, the use of ENTRUST 'How to' guides, and the new ENTRUST Enrolment Module. We also removed questions that were no longer relevant and to reduce the administration burden of completing the survey we also removed questions that are duplicated in our other surveys.

We have carefully analysed the results of the survey and have developed an action plan to address those areas and issues, which stakeholders have indicated they consider we should improve. A copy of the results of our analysis and our action plan are published on the right hand side of this page and on the EB Satisfaction Survey page of our website.

Thank you to all EBs who submitted a response to the 2017 Satisfaction Survey. We will launch our next EB Satisfaction Survey in May 2018.