Environmental Body satisfaction survey

Every year, we carry out a survey to offer Environmental Bodies (EBs) the chance to share their feedback, insights, and views on the quality and effectiveness of the services we provide. This enables us to pinpoint both our strong points and areas for improvement.

The 2023 EB Satisfaction Survey has now closed. We appreciate all the feedback provided by EBs on our regulation of the LCF.

You can find a comprehensive overview of our findings in the summary report provided below, which includes a detailed overivew complete with charts and analysis. The report encapsulates key insights, trends, and feedback from the EBs, offering a visual and analytical representation of the data collected. The summary aims to provide a clear understanding of the areas of success, as well as opportunities for improvement, as indicated by the feedback received in the survey.

We will be launching the 2024 satisfaction survey later in the year. For the results of previous years' surveys, please refer to the archived survey results page.

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2023 EB Satisfaction Survey Summary Report

2023 EB Satisfaction Survey Summary Report

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