Environmental Body satisfaction survey

We conduct a survey every year to give Environmental Bodies (EBs) an opportunity to provide us with feedback, thoughts and opinions on the quality and performance of the services we provide. This allows us to identify our strengths and areas for improvement.

Our 2021 EB Satisfaction Survey was conducted between 24 May and 4 July 2021.

The documents below provide an overview of our findings from the 2021 survey, a detailed document with charts and an action plan to address any areas or issues which our stakeholders consider we should improve.

To view the results of previous years' surveys please see the archived survey results page.

Name Description File Type
Environmental Body satisfaction survey 2021 results overview

An overview of the results from the 2021 EB satisfaction survey.

pdf - Download
Environmental Body satisfaction survey 2021 detailed results

This document shows the results of the 2021 Environmental Body satisfaction survey in chart format.

pdf - Download
Environmental Body satisfaction survey 2021 action plan

The action plan from the 2021 Environmental Body satisfaction survey.

pdf - Download