Environmental Body Satisfaction Survey

Every year, we conduct a survey that gives EBs an opportunity to provide their feedback, insights, and perspectives on the quality and effectiveness of the services we offer. This process helps us identify both our strengths and areas where we can improve.

The 2023 EB Satisfaction Survey has now concluded, and we are grateful for all the feedback received from participants.

A detailed summary report is available below, featuring comprehensive analyses, charts, and insights. This report captures the key trends and feedback from the EBs, providing both a visual and analytical overview of the data collected. The summary is designed to clearly highlight areas of success and pinpoint opportunities for improvement based on the feedback from the survey.

We will be initiating the 2024 satisfaction survey later this year. For results from previous surveys, please visit our archived survey results page.

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2023 EB Satisfaction Survey Summary Report

2023 EB Satisfaction Survey Summary Report

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