Environmental Body Benchmarking Data 2018 2019

23 May 2019

ENTRUST's 2017-2020 Corporate Plan stated that we would: "Publish anonymised data against key scheme metrics to enable Environmental Bodies (EBs) to benchmark their own performance."

A number of metrics were introduced in December 2017 based on the data provided by EBs via the Statutory Annual Return (Form 4) and other reporting requirements. We have now updated the metrics using the data provided by EBs on their 2018/2019 Statutory Annual Returns. The areas covered by the metrics are:

  • EBs' administration costs;
  • Level of unspent funds held by EBs;
  • Level of uncommitted funds held by EBs;
  • Percentage Contributing Third Party (CTP) requirements of Landfill Operators (LOs);
  • EB risk scores calculated from EB return data;
  • Non-compliant recommendations arising from compliance reviews; and
  • Project value and duration data.

The data is provided by quartiles or by banding value, or in some cases, both measures are used. The data is not EB specific and is provided to allow individual EBs to:

  • Assess their own performance in relation to other EBs within the quartiles, or banding, on key areas within the overall LCF scheme;
  • Report their performance against sector benchmarks to their own Directors or Trustees; and
  • Identify what actions could be taken to improve performance on individual measures depending on the area being reviewed.

For more information or to access the benchmarking data please visit the Good Practice and Benchmarking page of our website. The document is also published on the right hand side of this page. If you have any questions about benchmarking or the data provided please contact our Helpline on 01926 488 300 or by emailing helpline@entrust.org.uk