Review on the usability of ENTRUST Online (EOL) implementation update

9 Nov 2018

In January and February 2018, we invited Environmental Bodies (EBs) to provide their feedback on EOL and to provide any suggestions for improvements via an online survey. ENTRUST is seeking to reduce the administration burden of our regulatory activities on EBs, as part of this, a three year plan is currently in place to move to full digital delivery of services via EOL. The review looked to aid this move by identifying areas where EOL could be further improved for users.

Overall we received highly positive feedback on the usability of EOL, and from our analysis of responses we identified a number of improvements that could be made to EOL or needed further review and an action plan was created and published on 18 April 2018. This plan has now been completed and the report available on the right hand side of this page provides further detail of this work.

The following changes to EOL were implemented as a result of the review:

  • Reduction in the number of forms where assets need to be identified;
  • Improvement to the project end date extenson process;
  • Validation of dates entered on the Annual Return; and
  • Clarification that some questions on the completion form are object specific.

We continue to seek feedback from stakeholders and any suggestions for improvements or changes to EOL should be emailed to