Vacancies:  Non-Executive Directors

6 Jul 2023

In accordance with best governance practice, Entrust is looking to appoint two new Board members. The Board currently consists of three Non-Executive members and the Chief Executive (CEO).

The key responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Ensuring appropriate standards of governance operate in the Company;
  • Providing strategic direction and leadership; and
  • Supporting and challenging the Executive in the delivery of the organisation's Corporate Plan.


With these appointments, Entrust is looking for two candidates who between them will contribute the following skills, knowledge and experience:

  • Experience of working with a Board, in a non-executive or executive role, in any sector;
  • Current knowledge and experience of managing governance and Audit issues (Audit Committee Chair only);
  • Experience of using IT to develop and improve the efficiency of an organisation’s business model and operating framework;
  • Promotion of equality, diversity and inclusion in an organisation, and an understanding of how an organisation’s activities may affect equality and diversity in the community; and
  • Some direct, or indirect, involvement and understanding of a regulatory process.


For full details of this opportunity please see the vacancies page on our website.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Christopher Welford Entrust’s Chief Executive on 01926 488 317 or e-mail to,uk. For an informal conversation about the roles with the Chair, please email, to arrange an appointment.