Inspection Outcomes and Follow-Up

After each compliance review, we issue a draft compliance report that outlines any breaches of the Landfill Tax Regulations 1996 and offers recommendations for improving the EB’s procedures and controls.

EBs have 28 days to respond to this draft, detailing the corrective actions they plan to implement and the expected timelines. Once we receive this feedback, our management reviews it to ensure all issues are properly addressed before finalizing the report, which marks the end of the compliance review.

To help EBs adhere to regulations, we also publish a quarterly summary of our compliance inspections. This summary provides:

  • A count of recommendations made during the year,
  • An analysis of these recommendations,
  • A summary of the findings,
  • Details of corrections made by EBs.

This document is available on the right side of this page. If you need guidance on implementing any suggested changes, please contact our Compliance team at 01926 488 311 or