Inspection Findings

A draft compliance report is issued after every compliance inspection in which we make appropriate recommendations to correct breaches in the Landfill Tax Regulations 1996 (Regulations) or to improve an Environmental Body's (EB's) procedures and internal controls.

We ask EBs to comment on our reports giving organisations 28 days in which to reply. The compliance managers are happy to discuss the findings of the report and the conclusions made following the inspection with EBs.

Following receipt of comments we provide a finalised version of the compliance report for your records.

In order to assist EBs to comply with the Regulations we publish a quarterly summary of our findings and the responses made by EBs. This includes;

  • A breakdown of the number of recommendations made during the year to date;
  • Analysis of the recommendations raised;
  • A summary of the findings; and
  • The corrections made by EBs.

​The document is located at the right hand side of this page in the form of a PDF document.

If you wish to discuss the document or provide feedback regarding the information provided please contact the Compliance team on 01926 488 311.