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EB Details are below

Funders Name Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts
EB Number 415065
Address The Kiln
Mather Road
Postcode NG24 1WT
Phone 01636 670000
Email biffa-award@wildlifetrusts.org
Website http://www.biffa-award.org
Minimum Funding 10000
Maximum Funding 75000
Types of projects undertaken D, DA, E,
Funding Policies Main Grants Scheme for grants of between £10,000 and £75,000 (total maximum project costs is £200,000 including VAT).

For D and E projects ‐ all site‐based projects must be within 5 miles of a Biffa operation or within 10 miles of a Biffa Landfill Site. For DA projects ‐ 15 miles of a Biffa operation.

Applications from organisations are limited to one application per meeting with a maximum of two applications per financial year.

Themes eligible for funding are recreation, rebuilding biodiversity and community building projects.

Biffa Award introduces a time limit of one year from the final payment before a new application for the same site can be submitted through the Main Grants Scheme.

Projects previously funded include village halls, playgrounds, theatres, sport facilities and clubhouses, nature reserves etc.
Projects Not supported Biffa Award will not accept a resubmission of an application for six months from the rejection/withdrawal letter date.
Individuals, profit-making or local government organisations and organisations that are not able to register as an Environmental Body with the regulator ENTRUST (please visit the ENTRUST website for details on eligibility www.entrust.org.uk or call the helpline on 01926 488 300)
Projects on sites that are owned and or maintained by borough, county, city, district, or town councils, unless a formal lease, with a minimum term of no less than 10 years, is in place
Projects where no formal lease, with less than 10 years remaining, is in place
Projects more than 5 miles from a significant Biffa Group Limited operation (15 miles for Rebuilding Biodiversity projects) or more than 10 miles of a Biffa Landfill Site
Projects more than 10 miles from a licensed landfill site (owned by any company)
Core costs of an organisation, office equipment or furniture
Projects with a total cost of more than £200,000 including VAT
Improvements to car parks, offices or services
Alterations to buildings in order to meet Disability Discrimination Act requirements
Items of personal kit or equipment, e.g. sports shirts, cricket gloves
Portable items that will not be permanently kept at the address listed as your project location
Projects in school buildings or grounds, on the premises of hospitals, hospices, medical centres, day-care centres, charity offices, or for allotments
Projects which are purely for fencing
Events, excursions, CDs and websites, publications and marketing materials
Purely church fabric repairs, e.g. to bell towers, church spires, etc.
Storage containers
Feasibility studies, tender costs, building consents or recruitment costs
Enhancement of town or village centres, e.g. signage, seating, dog waste bins and seasonal bulbs
Energy saving or green technology based projects which have a derived income, e.g. solar panels.
Retrspective funding ‐ work that has already taken place before any grant has been awarded
Application Details Applicants are required to complete an Expression of Interest form online via http://www.biffa-award.org/apply-for-funding. If applicants are invited forward to a full application, an application form will be sent directly to them as this form is not available on our website. Once invited, applicants need to submit their full application by a specified deadline as outlined in their invitation letter; it would be seen at the next available Board meeting.

Biffa Award will hold three board meetings per year, where two themes will be reviewed at each meeting. Applicants will be advised of which meeting their project will be taken to and advise on application deadline dates accordingly.

November 2016 ‐ Community Buildings and Rebuilding Biodiversity

February 2017 ‐ Rebuilding Biodiversity and Recreation

June 2017 ‐ Recreation and Community Buildings

Application deadlines will be timetabled throughout the year, in line with the meeting schedule above, and will be published on our website.
Enrol With ENTRUST? Applicants are required to enrol with ENTRUST should they be awarded funding by Biffa Award. Applicants only need to enrol once they are notified of a successful grant from Biffa Award.
Locations Anglesey; Bedfordshire; Berkshire; Berkshire; Blaenau Gwent; Bridgend; Bristol; Bristol; Buckinghamshire; Caerphilly; Cambridgeshire; Cambridgeshire; Cardiff; Carmarthenshire; Ceredigion; Cheshire; Conwy; Cornwall; County Antrim; County Armagh; County Down; County Londonderry; County Tyrone; Cumbria; Denbighshire; Derbyshire; Devon; Dorset; Durham; East Riding of Yorkshire; East Sussex; Essex; Flintshire; Gloucestershire; Greater London; Greater Manchester; Gwynedd; Hampshire; Herefordshire; Hertfordshire; Isle of Wight; Kent; Lancashire; Leicestershire; Lincolnshire; Merseyside; Merthyr Tydfil; Monmouthshire; Neath Port Talbot; Newport; Norfolk; North Yorkshire; Northamptonshire; Northern Ireland; Northumberland; Nottinghamshire; Oxfordshire; Pembrokeshire; Powys; Rhondda Cynon Taff; Rutland; Shropshire; Somerset; South Yorkshire; Suffolk; Surrey; Swansea; Telford and Wrekin; Torfaen; Tyne and Wear; Vale of Glamorgan; Warwickshire; West Midlands; West Sussex; West Yorkshire; Wiltshire; Worcestershire; Wrexham;
Additional Information Biffa Award would strongly recommend that applicants read our guidance notes which are available on our website, www.biffa-award.org as there are exclusions which could apply to them. They are welcome to contact the Biffa Award team on 01636 670000 or email biffa-award@wildlifetrusts.org should they have any queries.