Object A

The remediation or restoration of land which can not now be used because of a ceased activity that used to take place 

Overarching principles:

  • The work must be on a site where there once was an activity which has now ceased, which prevents or restricts the current use of the land, e.g. the site may have been contaminated
  • The person who polluted the land must not benefit from the reclamation, remediation or restoration of the land
  • The reclamation, remediation or restoration of the land must not be required under a statutory notice, order or agreement, or under the terms of a planning permission or consent.  

Your project application will need to provide details of:

  • the affected site;
  • the ceased activity;
  • who carried it out;
  • when it ceased;
  • how the person who polluted the land will not benefit (financially or through obligations being met) from the work proposed; and
  • how the works being carried out will bring this land back into use.