Object B

In relation to any land the condition of which, by reason of the carrying on of an activity on the land which has ceased, is such that pollution (whether of that land or not) is being or may be caused -

(i) any operation intended to prevent or reduce any potential for pollution; or

(ii) any operation intended to remedy or mitigate the effects of any pollution that has been caused.

Overarching principles:

  • Your project application will need to demonstrate how your project prevents or reduces the potential for pollution, or remedies or mitigates the effects of any pollution that has been caused;
  • The person who polluted the land must not benefit from the works proposed; and
  • The works proposed must not be required under a statutory notice, order or agreement, or under the terms of a planning permission or consent.  

You will be asked to provide details of:

  • the affected site;
  • the ceased activity;
  • who carried it out;
  • when it stopped;
  • how the person who polluted the land will not benefit (financially or through obligations being met) from the work proposed; and
  • how the proposed works will bring the land back into use.