Our aim, vision, mission and values

Our aim, vision, mission and values affirm who we are and how we will work with both our key stakeholders and our staff.


To be an independent, credible and professional Regulator that treats all stakeholders fairly in all of their dealings with us. To improve awareness amongst our stakeholders of the regulatory role we perform and the work we do.


To be a first class regulator facilitating delivery of Landfill Communities Fund projects for the benefit of communities and the environment.


Assuring compliant use of the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) monies while delivering value for money for our stakeholders.


We’re transparent in all of our activities;

We act with integrity in our dealings with stakeholders, the sector and our staff;

We’re consistent in our actions and approach;

We’re supportive; promoting good practice, sharing information and providing focused training where it is needed; and

We always pursue excellence in our work, delivering value for money to our stakeholders.