Standards of service

We are committed to being a best practice, customer service organisation. To fulfil this commitment our customer charter which sets out the service and standards stakeholders can expect from us, as well as the standards we expect from the organisations that work with us. The customer charter is available to read on the bottom right hand side of this page.

Furthermore, as an organisation which is committed to the continuous improvement of our services and to fully meeting the needs of our stakeholders, we undertake an annual customer service satisfaction survey for Environmental Bodies (EBs) enrolled with us. The results of the most recent survey are available here.

Our customer charter clearly states the enwuiry handling standards that we have set ourselves. We believe our standards are clear and unambiguous and commit ENTRUST to responding to enquiries in a timely and proportionate manner.

When responding to information requests:

  • If you write to us by letter or email we will acknowledge the request within two working days of receipt and we will provide an estimated time by which we will be able to provide you with a full response to the request;
  • If you telephone us we will provide you with a full response at the time of your call, or if this is not possible, we will provide a full response within five working days; and
  • If we can't meet these targets, we will let you know why and will advise you when you will receive a full response.


We will identify ourselves by name in all correspondence, on the telephone and in face-to-face contact with you. Furthermore, all of our staff details including role titles are available on our website.