What are cookies

Like many websites, the ENTRUST website and ENTRUST Online (EOL) use cookies. 'Cookies' are small pieces of information sent by an organisation to your computer and stored on your hard drive to allow that website to recognise you when you visit, and when logged in to a system such as EOL, to allow you to move from page to page without having to login on every page. Cookies can also collect statistical data about your browsing actions and patterns. This helps us to review and improve the information on our website. The cookies which ENTRUST use cannot identify you as an individual.

Cookies cannot be used to infect your computer with a virus and there are no security issues with cookies. Neither can cookies access any other information on your computer. The main privacy concern that users have is that cookies allow a website to track what users do on that website and from this the website owners or their affiliated partners are able to target users with specific advertising based on what they deem to be of interest to that user. ENTRUST does not track users activity for the purposes of advertising or marketing.

What types of cookies are there?

Broadly, there are three main types of cookie which ENTRUST use:

'Strictly necessary' or 'Essential' cookies

These are cookies that are essential to make a website work and enable features that users have specifically asked for. These types of cookies are commonly used with shopping baskets or e-billing. Without the use of cookies, these features of the website could not operate.

'Performance' or 'Analytics' cookies

These cookies collect anonymous information about users for the purpose of assessing the performance of a website. Common uses include well-known web analytics tools such as 'Google Analytics'.

'Third-party' cookies

These are cookies that are set by a website other than the one you are on. If you visit a website and a separate company sets a cookie through that website, this would be a third-party cookie.

The next two sections show exactly which cookies ENTRUST Online and the ENTRUST website use.