What personal data we collect

Most of the information we collect is about the organisations enrolled as Environmental Bodies (EBs) and the projects registered with ENTRUST. This data is not personal data as it does not identify an individual. However, we also collect a limited amount of personal data, which allows us to communicate with EBs and ensure that compliance with the Regulations is maintained. Additionally, paragraph 33 (1) (g) of the Landfill Tax Regulations precludes anyone from being involved in the management of the EB who has controlled or been involved in the management of a previously compulsory revoked EB. By collecting limited personal data, ENTRUST is able to determine if organisations and individuals fulfil this requirement.

If you are involved in an organisation enrolling as an EB, or you are part of, or joining an already enrolled EB, the personal data we collect may include your name, email address, personal address, personal phone number, date of birth, your job title and your employer.

If you are not an enrolled EB, but have contacted us about a potential project or for a general enquiry, we may collect your name, email address, personal address and personal phone number.

Furthermore, if you use our website and our online database, ENTRUST Online (EOL), we may collect your IP address and record cookies on your computer. These allow the website and EOL to function and we do not further process this data.

How do we collect your information

We obtain information when you enrol with ENTRUST, if you are added as a member of an existing EB, and if you contact ENTRUST with an enquiry (by phone, email, post or through the ENTRUST website contact us form). We also collect your information if you register to receive our quarterly eNewsletter or if you complete our online training module or one of our satisfaction surveys in SurveyMonkey.