What cookies the ENTRUST website uses

In addition to the cookies which ENTRUST Online (EOL) uses, we only use the minimum number of cookies on the ENTRUST website to allow it to work, to allow you to access information videos about the LCF and to help us to improve the ENTRUST website.

  Cookie ID Purpose
Strictly Necessary/ Essential Cookies

Expression Engine Cookies




The ENTRUST website is built in a content management system (CMS) called Expression Engine. These cookies are essential for the CMS and the website to operate. They operate as follows:

exp_tracker tracks the last two pages so that the return button can send you back appropriately.

exp_last_visit and exp_last_activity store date/time information

Strictly Necessary/ Essential Cookies analytics This cookie is set by the Cookie Control widget when you accept cookies on the ENTRUST website, to record that you have selected 'agree' and so that you don't need to accept cookies on every visit.
Performance Cookies




We use Google Analytics to capture information about how users navigate the ENTRUST website. This allows us to improve the performance of the site.
Third-party Cookies Youtube

The ENTRUST website features four embedded videos to explain the LCF. To read the cookie policy for this third party please visit: