How we use personal data

We may use personal data to:

  • Contact or inform you about your regulatory obligations;
  • Contact you about an enquiry or application you have made;
  • Contact you about a compliance inspection we need to undertake;
  • Contact you about enforcement action that needs to be taken against your EB;
  • Contact you to obtain your feedback about our regulatory services;
  • Contact you to check that the Governing Members or Documents of your EB are up to date;
  • Send you communications which you have requested, or to which you are required to receive as an enrolled EB;
  • To check project quotes and invoices and ensure compliance with the Regulations; and
  • In the case of a forcibly revoked EB, to identify you as an individual excluded from the LCF under the Landfill Tax Regulations 1996, if you were a governing member of that EB.


As a not for profit regulator, we do not conduct any marketing activity.