Paper Forms

You can complete all forms and reporting quickly and simply online through our ENTRUST Online (EOL) system. If your Environmental Body (EB) is already enrolled with us and you wish to use EOL please ask your main contact to set you up as a EOL user. Alternatively, contact us on 01926 488 300.

In order to reduce the administrative burden on EBs we operate 100 per cent e-delivery and online reporting of Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) activity. However, if an EB has difficulty using online forms they should contact our Helpline on 01926 488 300 and we will offer assistance.

You can find a blank copy of the main contact update form below. We also have a model constitution for organisations looking to enrol as an EB.

These forms are Microsoft Word documents. You will need to have Microsodt Word available to open, save and type on these forms.

Name Description File Type
Main Contact Update Form

Use this form to notify us of any changes to the main contact for communications at your Environmental Body (EB). Updated May 2018.

doc - Download
Model Constitution

A model constitution template for organisations looking to enrol as an Environmental Body (EB).

Updated April 2020

docx - Download