Training Events

Training Events

We have scheduled training dates for 2022/2023, please look at the Training Booking page for details.

Our Environmental Body (EB) training days have been designed in line with feedback from EBs on last year's training programme, our training strategy and our Corporate Plan. You can read the latest report relating to our Training Strategy for 2021/2022 via the related document on the right hand side of this page.

The training days enable us to deliver our objectives of:

  • educating EBs to become more effective;
  • sharing information and knowledge across the sector; and
  • providing networking opportunities.

Basic Training

Our basic training sessions cover the following areas:

  • What the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) is and how it works;
  • Who ENTRUST are and what we do;
  • What projects can be approved and how this happens;
  • Role and responsibilities of an EB;
  • How to use ENTRUST Online (EOL); and
  • Open forum and questions.

Our basic courses are suitable for people from new EBs to new staff joining established EBs, or for those who would simply like a refresher on the LCF.

Basic Training events are held online through Zoom and are usually held as a morning session. The length will be dependent on attendees requirements but will not exceed two hours.

Places can be booked through the Training Booking page

Update and Exchange events

We run Update and Exchange events periodically to provide an opportunity for ENTRUST to update EBs with the latest on the LCF and provide a forum for discussion. Due to the nature of these events an agenda is not set until closer to the day and we welcome suggestions from EBs for any topics they would like to cover.

Update and Exchange events normally run for around two hours. Places can be booked through the Training Booking page.

Information and Networking Forum

ENTRUST facilitates an opportunity for EBs to meet twice a year, to share best practice, seek advice, information and guidance from others operating within the LCF. The group will also arrange specific agenda topics for each meeting. The meeting agenda, location and Chair are set by the group. The forum is usually attended by around 6 to 8 EBs and all EBs are welcome to attend if they feel it would be helpful. Please note the forum is not a means to seek funding for projects. Please visit the training booking page for details of the next forum and to book to attend.

Open door policy

We consider that it is essential, as an open and transparent regulator, to offer EBs and other stakeholders the opportunity to visit ENTRUST, meet with staff and have an open forum to ask questions and seek advice. We therefore operate an open door policy and will welcome EBs to discuss any areas of the LCF and to meet our staff. If you would like to visit ENTRUST please contact

In-house training

If you would like in-house training for employees, directors or trustees (six attendees or more) or would like to attend training on a date which does not yet appear on our confirmed bookings list, please contact us (via our helpline - to provide your details.  We will then contact you to arrange in-house training.