Submit a Form 3: contribution received directly from a Landfill Operator through ENTRUST online

It is a statutory requirement for all Environmental Bodies (EBs) who receive a qualifying contribution from a Landfill Operator to submit a Form 3: Contribution received directly from a Landfill Operator to us within seven days of receipt to let us know that you have received the contribution.

You can submit your Form 3 online through ENTRUST online (EOL).

The guide at the bottom right of this page provides you with the steps you should follow to submit your contribution notification to us using EOL.

In February 2017 we notified EBs of our intention to remove the paper Form 3 from 1 April 2017. EBs should submit their Form 3 using EOL. If you need any further assistance to complete your Form 3 through EOL please call us on 01926 488 300 or email the Helpline.