Submit a Form 9: Submission of a project completion form through ENTRUST online (EOL)

It is a requirement to submit a project completion form for each project. This form asks for information relating to the project's outcomes and benefits to the environment and communities. It also asks for information about any assets created and contributing third party payments.

You can submit a Form 9 once you have entered a completion date on your project breakdown sheet within the Statutory Annual Return (Form 4). The form will be generated when you enter a completion date and will appear on your EB's dashboard. It will be pre-populated with information entered on the Statutory Annual Return. You will need to complete the rest of the information requested and submit the form.

The guide at the bottom of this page provides you with steps you should follow to submit your completion form (Form 9) to us using EOL.

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Q. When should I fill out and submit a Form 9: Project Completion form?


The EB holding the project approval should notify us that the project is complete and submit the Project Completion form within three months of the project completion date. A project is marked as completed on the Statutory Annual Return which generates the Project Completion form.

Where the LCF project is part of a larger overall project and that overall project does not finish until sometime after the LCF element of the project has completed, we would ask EBs to fill out and submit their Form 9: Project Completion form as best they can from their understanding of the project thus far.

Q. Will the data about assets entered on Form 2: project registration form be transferred to Form 9: project completion form?


Data relating to project assets will not be transferred from the project registration from to the project completion form.  There are sometimes variations between what the project proposes and what the project delivers on the ground.  As we wish to capture data about what has been delivered, we considered that the automatic population of asset data would not be appropriate for this section of the completion form. 

Q. Which Value for Money (VFM) questions will be asked on the Form 9: Project Completion form?


The VFM questions asked on Form 9: Project Completion form are:

• Did this project receive funding from other sources?
If yes, how much other funding (in total) was received? 
• Will any income be generated by the project?
If yes, how much income each year (to the nearest £1,000) is expected?
• Has this project reduced the total utility costs of the structure, building or amenity (e.g. through reduced energy consumption, energy efficiency measures or energy generation)? 
If yes, please estimate the reduction in total utility costs (to the nearest £1,000) each year.
• Have any new jobs been created and / or existing jobs maintained, as a result of the project?
If yes, please provide the number of:
a) jobs created (use full time equivalent, e.g. 0.5, for part time jobs)
b) jobs maintained (use full time equivalent, e.g. 0.5, for part time jobs)
• Please estimate the number of visits to the project site each year prior to the project.
• Please estimate the number of visits to the project site after the project has completed.
• Did the project achieve its aims?  
• Do you consider that this project has improved the lives of people living in the community of the project, and / or achieved environmental benefits? 
• Do you consider this project directly brought together people in the community of the project who are from different backgrounds and who otherwise would not have been brought together? 
• Is there any additional information you would like to provide about this project?

Q. Is there any guidance on the value of assets to be recorded on the project completion form?


All land, buildings, plant and machinery purchased with LCF monies should be recorded on the form, regardless of value.