Submit a Form 9: Submission of a project completion form through ENTRUST online (EOL)

It is a requirement to submit a project completion form for each project which has completed during the year. The project completion form assists us in monitoring over-running projects and enables project applicants to inform us as soon as a project has completed.

You can submit a Form 9 once you have entered a completion date on your project breakdown sheet within the Statutory Annual Return (Form 4). This submission can be either online through EOL, which will be automatically generated when you enter a completion date and will appear on your EB's dashboard, or on a paper form which you can complete and email or post to us.

The easiest way to submit project completion forms to us is through EOL as:

  • The form is simple to complete;
  • The form will pre-populate information for you;
  • We will receive it immediately; and
  • You receive an email confirming we have received your form and you can see it on your project records.


This guide provides you with steps you should follow to submit your completion notification (Form 9) to us using EOL.