Using ENTRUST online (EOL)

ENTRUST Online (EOL) is an online database that enables Environmental Bodies (EBs) to quickly and easily fulfil their reporting responsibilities including statutory reporting to ENTRUST, the submission of project applications and keeping their organisation's details up to date. These activities may previously have been undertaken on paper forms.

EOL also allows EBs to undertake management of their own data rather than being reliant on our administration which greatly reduces both yours and our administrative burden.

You can find many helpful 'How to use EOL' guides in the Submitting Forms section, each guide relates to using EOL to submit a specific form. Please also see at the bottom right of this page an introductory guide to using EOL and two further guides for updating your contacts. You can also find a guide to locating information on your EB using EOL.

If your EB is already enrolled with us and you wish to use EOL please ask your Main Contact to set you up as an EOL user. Alternatively, contact us on 01926 488 300.